Photographer: Trevor Krehel

Photographer: Trevor Krehel


Not even congenital hearing loss was going to stop Abby Brown from becoming an all-around singer, musician and stage performer. Born prematurely and surviving numerous spinal surgeries before the age of 11, Abby persisted and found her true calling in music - and never wavered from pursuing her dream even at an age when she could barely fit her fingers around a six-string. Based on the critically-acclaimed success of her debut EP “Gypsy Soul”, which has achieved very strong Spotify plays and numerous pick-ups across the social media landscape, Brown just put the finishing touches on her second EP coming in November. Both records are on the Pure Music Nashville label, which signed Abby in 2016 without hesitation when an A&R rep for the label first heard her perform.

As the eldest of seven in a close-knit, blended family, Abby pulls from her diverse background living in half a dozen cities around the U.S. and her time on the road as a musician. Her first live gigs started at the age of seven in her then hometown of Boston, where she soon rose to prominence at the local level both as a solo performer and with two of her sisters in a band that would eventually become known as Flatiron Junction. The sister trio has since performed around the country, and most notably, the National Anthem at Boston's legendary Fenway Park and at Coors Field for the Colorado Rockies.

Luke Bulla, a partner in Pure Music Nashville and a Grammy™ winning artist and performer said: “Abby is a force to be reckoned with and brings a refreshing playfulness met with serene soul into the Americana genre. We are delighted and honored to have her on our label and witness her notable progress as a songwriter, vocalist, performer and musician.”  

Abby's second EP, “Heart on Fire”, is due to be released by Pure Music Nashville in November 2019. The EP, produced by John Heithaus and Peter Young, features four new songs – three composed by Abby — and an artful cover of Maren Morris’ “Sugar” with a distinctive Americana bend that is sure to please fans everywhere.    

Soulful singer-songwriter, Abby Brown, has been gracefully inspired by musical icons like Emmy Lou Harris, Alison Krauss, The Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow and other prominent influences like Stevie Nicks and Bonnie Raitt. 


Gypsy Soul

by Abby Brown

Abby Brown’s debut EP is available everywhere! To purchase physical or digital CD’s click here.


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